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Author and semi-professional teenager. Obsessions include Doctor Who, Harry Potter, feminism and writing down the voices in my head. Oh yeah, and technically I'm supposed to be at school, as well. London.

39 Thoughts I Had While Watching Doctor Who: The Witch’s Familiar

In the words of the great philosopher Jeremy Scott: spoilers, duh. Ah, so Clara and Missy aren’t dead. I’d say ‘no prizes for guessing’ but I WANT A PRIZE. Look, I know Clara Oswald’s the Impossible Girl and all of … Continue reading

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We Need To Talk About Doctor Who

I mean, let’s be clear, we always need to talk about Doctor Who- when we’re not talking about Harry Potter or Cabin Pressure, that is- but it seems especially appropriate to bring it up now, in the light of Saturday … Continue reading

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Various things.

Hello, everyone. Hope you’re all well. Sorry for the long radio silence- I’ve been fairly busy with various beginning-of-school-term things, mostly waiting apprehensively for the avalanche of work that the year-aboves swear will hit me any day now. So before … Continue reading

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Calling the Internet… hello, is that the Internet…?

Well, hi there. Hope you’re all okay. My name is Helena, and I kill imaginary people for fun. (I have actually tried introducing myself to people like this. Generally, they look quite nervous and immediately find someone else to talk … Continue reading

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