Hello. Sorry. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Look, I promise it’s not another long polemic about Steven Moffat. Cross my heart and swear to die.

Well *coughs* it’s not really about anything at all, actually, this time. Nope, just thought I’d… check in. Absolutely nothing of significance to see here, at all, in any respect.


Well. No. That’s a lie.

A big lie, actually, because look:

Screenshot 2016-02-18 at 17.46.42

It’s alive!

The bigger, newer, fierier one, obviously. But both of them, as well. *coughs again* Come to think of it, if, y’know, you wanted to buy them both… I’m sure there’s a discounted price on them, somewhere. I don’t know. It would be if it were up to me. But since it isn’t, the least I could do, really, is to point a gentle, guiding hand here, here and here, if, theoretically, you did want to buy them. But only if.

Anyway. That’s my news as of today. Other than that… I can’t say many eventful things have happened since last time, I’m afraid. Loads of school stuff. I have a physics test coming up, and if anyone has an explanation of Kirchoff’s Circuit Laws better than the IB Physics textbook’s, I would be deeply grateful to hear it. But… other than that… nothing, really.


I will return… when I have announcements to make, or TV shows to write about.

And I will. Oh, yes, I will.



About helenacoggan

Author and semi-professional teenager. Obsessions include Doctor Who, Harry Potter, feminism and writing down the voices in my head. Oh yeah, and technically I'm supposed to be at school, as well. London.
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